Blueprint for a National Food Strategy

Calling for a coordinated approach to food system policymaking for the United States.

The Urgent Call for a U.S. National Food Strategy

Given the COVID-19 pandemic and long term threats like climate change, we need a national food strategy more than ever to build a more equitable and resilient food system.

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What is a National Food Strategy?

A  web of different federal, state, local, and tribal laws, regulations and governmental actors guide and structure our food system. However, these laws are fragmented and sometimes inconsistent, hindering food system improvements. To promote a healthy, economically viable, equitable, and resilient food system, the United States needs a national food strategy – a coordinated federal approach to food and agricultural law and policy.

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The Blueprint Project

Through legal and original research, the Blueprint Project considers the need for a national food strategy in the U.S., how other countries have developed national food strategies in response to similar food systems challenges, and the process by which national strategies on other issues have been developed in the United States.

About the Project